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Podcast Microphone

Created Saturday 30 December 2023


My idea is to create a microphone that provides high quality sound recording for youtubers and podcasters. It seems that many microphones you can buy are simply poor copies of some old designs put into cool-looking plastic enclosures. But how to create microphone which provides best sound quality?

I have several ideas on how to achieve this:

  • Focus on electronic design and not on appearance
  • Try several DSP approaches, e.g., beamforming and more
  • Provide recording demo samples and ask for your feedback!

Here is my rough plan on creating ideal microphone for youtubers and podcasters:

  1. Create simple digital microphone prototype based on STM32H7
  2. Start experimenting on various approaches
  3. Find and eliminate noise sources
  4. Investigate captured sound spectrum
  5. Manufacturing and sales

Currently, I have two digital MEMS microphone modules with I2S interface, some generic electret microphones, DAC and ADC modules. These modules can be connected to STM32 development board to assemble various prototypes and perform audio recording experiments.

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